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Interested in a career in camping?  Seeking the perfect summer camp job? The CCA is pleased to offer a posting service featuring full-time camping positions.

The following full-time jobs are available at CCA camps:

Camp Director, Zajac Ranch for Children (BC)
Contact: Sheila Smith
Phone: (604) 739-0444
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Camp Manager, Luther Village (MB)
Contact: Kristel Arnold
Phone: (204) 783-3337
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Camp Program Manager, Kids Cancer Care Camp Kindle (AB)
Contact: Leighana Shockey
Phone: (403) 637-3975
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Program Manager, Camp Jubilee (BC)
Contact: James McLeod
Phone: (604) 937-7388
Application Deadline: January 31, 2017

Program Director, Kinasao Lutheran Bible Camp (SK)
Contact: Kari Alford
Phone: (306) 982-3327
Application Deadline: March 3, 2017

For Camps

On request, full-time permanent or full-time contract (minimum 12 months) positions are posted on this page in the language(s) provided.

Please allow three business days for your job to be posted.  Postings will be removed on the application deadline date.

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