Research Award of Excellence


The Purpose of the Award

The annual Research Award of Excellence promotes, honours and celebrates excellence in research that contributes significantly to the growing body of academic literature relevant to the organized children’s camping movement in Canada.

It encourages graduate students, faculty and independent scholars in any academic discipline or any professional field to examine issues and/or practicalities that can be relevant to children’s camping or informational toward camping research, from a social, educational, economic, developmental, technological, political, ecological, functional, historical, organizational or
philosophical perspective.

Award Criteria

The evaluation criteria are: originality, innovation, value to camp research, rigour of research, soundness of method and practicality of conclusions.

At their discretion, the judges may award the “Research Award of Excellence”, and may also award one or more “Research Award of Merit” certificates.

The RAE Committee works at arm’s length from the CCA Board.

The judges’ decisions are final.

The Award

The winner will receive the Research Award of Excellence cash prize. If practical, CCA will publicly honour the winner and present the award at a provincial camping association event.

Every entry will be accessible world-wide on the CCA Research website, and as hard copy in the unique Camping Collections at the Trent University Archives for long term access by future researchers.

To Enter

Entries are accepted in either of Canada’s two official languages.

Please attach a separate abstract with title and key references for the CCA website.

Email your entry to Prof.(E) P. G. Gilbert, CCARAE Chair at:

You may send questions to the same address.

THE ENTRY DEADLINE is: Saturday September 30, 2017.



Stephen Fine, PhD (member)
Peter Gilbert, B.Arch, M.Ed, Prof. (E), Ryerson U.  (chair, judge)
Bruce Hodgins, PhD, LLD, Prof. (E), Trent U. (judge)
Tad MacIlwraith, PhD, Prof, Guelph U. (judge)
Trevor Norris, PhD, Prof. Brock U.  (judge)
Catherine Ross, BA, B.Ed  (ex-officio Board appointee)


2016 Winner:
Amanda Baker, PhD, Griffith University (Australia):
Becoming and being a camp counsellor: a study of discourse, power relations and emotion.

Teresa Beesley (Queen’s), Jessica Fraser-Thomas (York) & Michael C. Riddell (York):
S’more than just a Camp: exploring youths’ development of life skills within a Type 1 diabetic sports camp.

Adam Handler (Queen’s), Arielle Zahavi (Toronto), Mattan Lustgarten (Toronto), Daniel Freedman (Technion American Medical School):
Summer camp health initiative pilot study: an overview of injury and illness in two Canadian summer camps.

J. B. Blakey, & Dr. R. Coughlan, (Trent)
Nature and physical activity at camp: a qualitative eco-psychological study.



Stephen Fine, PhD (judge)
Peter Gilbert, B.Arch, M.Ed, Prof. (E), Ryerson  (judge, chair)
Bruce Hodgins, PhD, LLD, Prof. (E), Trent (judge)
Trevor Norris, PhD, Prof. Brock  (judge)
Catherine Ross, BA, B.Ed  (ex-officio Board appointee)


2015 Winner: 
Amanda Shore, NSCAD University, (NS):
Notes on Camp: A Decolonizing Strategy.
(A recurring issue. Colonizers are European settlers. Colonized are Canada’s indigenous peoples.)

Alicia Dawn Cox, Atlantic School of Theology, (NS):
Pines over Pews: The Spiritual Experience of Campers Who Do Not Attend Church in the United Church of Canada.

Karen Hayward, (ON):
The Teresa Group Summer Camp Program, Evaluation Results.
(A one week camp for children affected by HIV.)

Name and title withheld,
(Paper also submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journal.)



Stephen Fine, PhD  (judge)
Peter Gilbert, B.Arch, M.Ed, Prof. (E), Ryerson  (judge, chair)
Bruce Hodgins, PhD, LLD, Prof. (E), Trent  (judge)
Trevor Norris, PhD, Prof. Brock  (judge)
Catherine Ross, BA, B.Ed  (ex-officio Board appointee)


2014 Winner:
Catherine Laing, RN, PhD, Assistant Prof, Faculty of Nursing, U. Calgary, (AB):
“It’s not just camp:” Understanding Meaning of Children’s Cancer Camps for Children and Families.

Kyra Morris, Sociology, McGill, (QC):
Jewish Overnight Summer Camp: Socializing Agent and Informal Education Institution.