Through camping, kids from diverse backgrounds develop important skills such as self-reliance, problem solving, socialization and an appreciation of and commitment to the natural environment.


The CCA's goal is to provide information and services for the hundreds of camps across the country, the thousands of staff working in these camps and the many thousands of parents whose children experience the wonder of camp.


The CCA is here to serve you! For almost 80 years, the CCA has worked on behalf of Canadian camps to help grow, develop, and promote organized children's camping across the country.

The Canadian Camping Association is a nonprofit, national federation of Provincial Camping Associations. We are dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of organized camping for all populations in Canada.


A Health Challenge for All Camps

Dr. Clive Schwartz, Assistant Professor Paediatrics University of Toronto, Developmental Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children and 13 year Camp Physician, presents...
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Rising food costs a concern? Foodbuy can help!

More Canadian camps are discovering that Foodbuy is the answer to feeding campers well while staying within the budget. Contact CCA Foodbuy...
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How Do We Treat Each Other?

How do we treat each other? was the question the leadership director at one of North America’s oldest overnight camps asked the...
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New Camp Marine Module Boating Course

Dear CCA Camps, The Government Relations Committee is proud and relieved to finally send this very important email update regarding the newly...
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